Bodycare + Spiritual Somatic Sovereignty + Embodiment 

grounded in science-based/pleasure-focused sx education and guided by intuitive witchy-ness, i have designed bodily rituals that encompass somatic awareness, affirmative touch, reiki/energy juice with a full-force appreciation of the wildly inherent, cosmic-blowing awe of all your flavors.

all are welcome - even the beautiful freaks :)

somatic intimacy

  • a body prayer delivered by touch

  • touch as witness, as container holding, as language 

  • rooted in safety + security in discovering sovereignty 

think of gentle affirming intensity, goosebumps, and caresses timed at a near-scientific pace to activate particular sensory responses to harness pleasure and expand in the depths of our gooeyness

  • somatic ritual that harnesses pleasure as powerful, sovereign medicine

  • safely and softly incorporates affirming, sensual vibes that help connect to pleasure for the purposes of personal growth, deepening spiritual connection, and/or experiencing a wholesomely tender way to enjoy your body in a safe, trauma-informed environment

  • we hold space for the internal pharmacy of ecstasy (think of the parasympathetic system, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins)

considerations + time investments

somatic intimacy new clients:

75 min / 260

  • new client sessions are always universal and look the same for everyone to introduce you to the flow and style

established Clients:

45 min / 200

60 min / 250

75 min / 300

  • special requests, receiver-guided touch, and sensual mapping work can be discussed when you return for repeat sessions

90 min / $400*

somatic security 

  • still a body prayer delivered by touch

  • still touch as witness

  • extremely gentle > fully clothed option! 

think: intuitive bodywork, energy moves, and poetic answers found in the clouds of trances

  • some massage work, mostly light touch with reiki 

  • lots of hand gestures on my part, lots of meditation/mind seeing, sometimes i can hear colors (which is freaky but also kinda fun)

  • i will probably say something at the end that resonates with you; you will hopefully feel shifts, pressure changes, and lightness 

i use elemental intuition: earth, water, fire, and air are my guides and spiritual tools 

  • think: witch in the northwoods among the birch trees learning their secrets and sharing trinkets with crows type shit :)

  • teachings from taoism, tantra, and yoga have taught me how to map the energetic body and connect spiritual somatic practices to healing and recovery

  • i use the wisdom of chakras, nadis, spiritual anatomy, and meridians to listen to insights

tarot readings available! 

considerations + time investments

somatic security new + returning clients:

75 min / 160

enter the garden of ecstasy  


I work with people who are:

  • sweet, honest, and respectful

  • thirsty for touch 

  • exploring their sxuality

  • dealing with performance anxiety

  • reconnecting with their bodies after medical procedure

  • reconnecting to the body after trauma or hardship

  • happy, joyous & full of content

  • ...and everyone in between

A lot of my clients are interested in:

  • somatic and touch approaches to healing, nourishment, and self-discovery

  • neo-tantra and the alchemy of sexual energy [spiritual AF]

  • sacred masculine & feminine work

  • building new blueprints of identity outside of conventional patriarchal and capitalist standards

  • new age spirituality 

  • recovering from purity culture

  • nourishing the relationship with their body

  • having a gosh darn good time because the world is crumbling and the sense of impending doom must be intermittently disrupted ;)

new folks

  • people who have never booked before (or have not been in for 2+ years) must fill out the Intake Form and book a New Client option 

  • two options available: somatic security + somatic intimacy > don't stress on picking the wrong/right one

returning folks

  • book a 75 minute somatic security session or 

  • book a somatic intimacy session at your preferred time: 45, 60, or 75 minutes

  • as comfort grows, so does the depth of the work. most folks report having a significant decrease of nervousness during their second and third session


important notes

  • everything i offer has been designed solely by me through informed experimentation and pure exploration of my god given gifts 

  • i do not adhere nor teach from any one particular lineage or tradition of spirituality/religion/school of thought - i study from a wiiiiide range of teachers and paths (including the path i paved for myself)

  • frankly, i believe religion and even new age spirituality feels extremely exploitative, shame driven, and dictated by an everlasting fear of never being okay - so i've made up my own doctrine of divinity and i honor the doctrines you bring with you :)

  • although i am a very spiritual person, you do not need to be on a spiritual path to find benefit from this work

  • disclaimer: i am not going to be a good fit for everyone - and that's cooool! there are so so many people out there who are ready to meet you where you are and i wish you the best on your exploration!