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Let us go beyond the conventional potentials of bodywork and find ourselves in thick love with ourselves as we explore our breath, our bodies, and our bliss.

I offer bodywork and intuitive services that are grounded in embracing the human condition and accessing the internal medicine of love. I have designed three different types of bodywork and energetically charged somatic sessions that each have their own flow, focus, and finesse. 

Light Touch & Reiki

Energetic Massage

Somatic Intimacy


Going deep into the surrendering magick of touch is what my approach and style is all about. I am well suited for those who are in tune with the idea that touch is a naturally-knowing healing modality. I vibe well with those who understand the power that oozes from being caressed, cradled, and softly adored.


Touch gives us a way of learning how to accept and receive love. This concept is widely embraced in my sessions. I understand the skin as an inlet to the inner pleasure experience. I take full advantage of the human body's natural ability to melt into pleasure, detach from fallacy, and smother in its own juices of transformative power.



Light Touch & Reiki

$80-$100/hour or $50-60/45 minutes

sliding scale - pay what works best

Light touch and Reiki work with your subtle energy body by gently placing the hands on your physical body. This session is perfect for those looking for a calm experience that offers soft space for tension reduction, anxiety relief, spiritual exploration, chakra balancing and harmonizing, meditation, and relaxation. You are welcome to stay clothed with a blanket covering throughout the session. 

Energetic Massage

$120/hour or $150/75 minutes

My massage style flows along the natural curvature of your body using long strokes that can feel like waves. I am inspired by lomi-lomi and tantric techniques of massage that work to move and transform internal energy. Draping options range from c-thong, blanket/sheet, or silk scarf. You may bring with you intentions of specific healing or a yearning to melt away into blissful relaxation.

What brings us pleasure also brings us healing. Research has shown that we can intentionally rewire our brains and nervous system via pleasure. By allowing pleasure into our bodies, we can remap our ideas of ourselves. Just as much as pain can cause havoc, pleasure can induce magick.

Somatic Intimacy

$200/hr or $300/90 minutes

My somatic intimacy sessions work to give you safe space to experience pleasure and intimacy through mindful sensual touch. Working with pleasure invites unique opportunities to be intentional with sexual energy, an extremely powerful (yet often subtle) internal resource that can be harnessed for personal growth, spiritual learning, and overall well-being. By safely and appropriately incorporating sexual energy into a bodywork session you can begin working with the inner power of your erotic makeup. Before booking this session, please read my Consent and Discretion Form

Different paths of varying faiths and practices understand sexual energy in their own unique ways. It is often associated with creativity, shakti, kundalini, or life force.

The Somatic Intimacy session will allow you to:

Explore pleasure without explicit sexual activity 

Feel pleasure without expectations

Learn how to harness gentle pleasure and use it for healing

Tap into the inner erotic to embrace somatic bliss

Relearn pleasure after trauma or illness

Rewire the brain pathways to receive pleasure safely and confidently

Reconnect with your body in a way that caters liberation and empowerment

Combat touch and intimacy deprivation

Naturally induce stress reduction and healthy coping mechanisms

Learn how to talk about how you want to be touched

Honor your sexual self

Embrace your beauty, power, and worth

Experience an embodiment of love

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