Welcome to the space of bliss

The body is sacred.

It is said to have an entire micro-galaxy within it.

In our bodies, we experience life.

It is our portal to reality and the obscure. 

As we await an inevitable death, we heal.

As we experience pleasure and pain simultaneously, we ebb and flow with the elements and seasons of life.

We sleep, we dream.

We suffer and surrender.

We fall and rise in love and fear.

Here we are, we are here.

Together, we share this planet as mother.

We pray to higher powers as we watch the clock.

And follow time into its unfolding.

We join in power, strength, and vitality.

With our vulnerability, we grow into compassion.

We share space and isolate ourselves.

We listen to the call of the wild.

We are human.

Flawed, strange, and beautiful -

...All at once in the brilliance of difference and sameness.

May all of our truths be held in the space of our bodies.

And be honored as God herself.

May you find what you never looked for,

And float in the everlasting well of love and ecstasy within you.

safe. sexy. secure

Going beyond the conventional potentials of bodywork, I offer touch and education services that embrace the natural, sensually-tender condition of humans. 

Grounded in science-based/pleasure-focused sex ed for adults and guided by intuitive witchy-ness, I have assembled three varying styles of sessions that all incorporate bodily rituals of massage, Reiki, and full-force appreciation of the wildly inherent cosmic-blowing awe of all your flavors. 

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All are welcome

[even the beautiful freaks]

To keep everyone safe and on the same page, please read through my Consent & Discretion Policy 

[Further details in Expectations+]

I work with people who are:

  • sweet, honest, and respectful

  • touch deprived

  • exploring their sexuality

  • dealing with erectile dysfunction

  • in poly relationships

  • into the kink scene

  • reconnecting with their bodies after medical procedure

  • recovering from reproductive organ cancers

  • in therapy or "on a journey"

  • happy, joyous & full of content

  • ...and everyone in between

A lot of my clients are interested in:

  • neo-tantra and the alchemy of sexual energy [spiritual AF]

  • prostate health

  • learning how to surrender or receive

  • building new blueprints of identity

  • new age and ancient spirituality

  • sensual domination & soft kink

  • having a gosh darn good time because the world is crumbling and the sense of impending doom must be intermittently disrupted ;)


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