Going beyond the conventional potentials of bodywork, I offer touch and education services that embrace the natural, sensually-tender condition of humans. 

Grounded in science-based/pleasure-focused sex ed for adults and guided by intuitive witchy-ness, I have designed a bodily ritual that incorporates massage, reiki, and a full-force appreciation of the wildly inherent cosmic-blowing awe of all your flavors. 

All are welcome

[even the beautiful freaks]

To keep everyone safe and on the same page, please read through my Consent & Discretion Policy.

[Further details in Expectations+]

**Disclaimer: This work isn't for everybody. I am not going to be a good fit for everyone - and that's cool! This work doesn't fit nicely into a box - this is radical and powerful shit that cannot be conventionally named.**

I work with people who are:

  • sweet, honest, and respectful

  • touch deprived

  • exploring their sexuality

  • dealing with performance anxiety

  • reconnecting with their bodies after medical procedure

  • reconnecting to the body after trauma or hardship

  • happy, joyous & full of content

  • ...and everyone in between

A lot of my clients are interested in:

  • somatic and touch approaches to healing and self-discovery

  • neo-tantra and the alchemy of sexual energy [spiritual AF - sx is not an offering]

  • sacred masculine & feminine work

  • building new blueprints of identity outside of conventional patriarchal and capitalist standards

  • new age and ancient spirituality

  • recovering from purity culture

  • having a gosh darn good time because the world is crumbling and the sense of impending doom must be intermittently disrupted ;)


<<< Intro >>> 


New clients who have never booked before must book a New Client session. Sessions are about 75 minutes to give enough time for intake and a gentle introduction to Somatic Intimacy   


Returning clients can book according to the time frame they desire

45-90 min




dear curious person,


divine work is mysterious - often obscure, yet extremely clarifying

sloshing around in the weave of what makes two into one
finding pleasure in places we don't have to reach for 
because its us

expanding into the depths of unity with divine power
is slightly terrifying
maybe intimidating
and often indescribable

recognizing our power is equally terrifying
yet, here it lies - - within each of us
waiting to release from the knots of conventional oppression 

somatic divine work is revolutionary work 
this is sacred shit 

we use poetry, math, trees, prayer, ritual, our bodies, etc. 
to find a semblance of harmony 
with ourselves, the divine, and our communities inbetween 
we dance in the twister of liminal existence
penetrating through multiple dimensions as time unfolds into the divine 


a session is like a non-problematic glitch
a little blip of urka-urka to disrupt

any disregulation just for a moment
a tiny weensy little reminder of pleasure

or maybe even god

just a beautiful little glitch that we can use as a portal to the multidimensional cauldron of molten gold 

the s*x is happening inside of you
the intimacy is already there
right now even
working its magick on you

by tapping into it - becoming aware of it, being with it
we let it cleanse and heal us as we recover from punitive systems of repression within and around us
on a deeeeeeeeeep level
spiritually speaking
maybe even genetically (i dunno, but maybe!)

this is esctastic living
with all it's miracles
in a divine dance 
to the music 
of our vibration

there is a lot happening here
more than i can describe with words
but one thing that is not here is conventional sex

the sx we find here is already happening in the cosmic juices bubbling within you
I'm just helping you realize it

If working with a spiritual somatic expert in intimacy is what feels right for you - then we're probably a good match ;)


in conclusion and all due respect...
please treat, think about, and uphold sx workers in your highest regards
pay for your porn
support decriminalization movements
and listen to people with lived experience 
don't conflate forced and consensual labor
don't ask for free nudes...from anyone
don't send unsolicited anyone
don't be an entitled bag of shit brains
and check your blueprints at the fucking door 
...and read more bell hooks - she can help you better than I ever could