Weekend Availability + MORE

Hello! Life has changed so much. In hopes to help me keep afloat in these trying times, and to adjust to life at home and accommodate more schedules, I have expanded my availability into the weekend for online booking. I have also expanded my week day hours more into the evening. 💋

This is my i-guess-i-am-still-here-doin-my-best look...

I still need to approve all appointments before they are confirmed. And my booking forms might look a little different. Bear with me on the changes.

It's been super slow. I do want to urge any of you who have already recovered from Covid19 to book up a session. I feel super safe around people who have already recovered and it would be delicious to get more folx on my books.

As always, masks continue to be required and we can discuss ways to make sure you're super comfortable.

Also offering cute new skype sessions where we can just talk and see eachother. These will be available in the booking tab, too. I have no structure for these virtual sessions, but really want to expand this availability of mine. So if you've been craving to see this adorable face of mine, now you can. Payments can be accepted by venmo, PayPal, or square invoice.

Hmm, not much else is going on! I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.


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