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The Return!

Hello Beautifuls!

I hope you've been doing well. Many of you have been reaching out since my last blog post and I love hearing how you've been doing. Some of you have graciously sent me payments for future appointments and I am forever grateful in your help in making this as smooth as possible. :) Excited to see you again!

As for how I've been spending my time - Well, I've been taking longer walks than usual and having a blast peeking into the yards of my neighbors to see how their gardens are doing. I have successfully planted two 7' rows of sweet peas (which I always do because peas are my favorite!) and have a few flowers poppin' up like poppies, zinnias, wild flowers, sunflowers, and others I cannot even remember or know how to pronounce. Hopefully my flower budget is cut in half this year from all the seeding I've been doing. :)

Our raspberry bushes are plump full of neon leaves with about 10 strawberry plants nearby. So we have officially created a berry corner in our backyard! In the midst of all the unknown, I know for sure I will be eating plenty of peas and berries this season. Woo hoo!!

Here is a picture of me hanging out on a tree that fell over the Mississippi. Did you know that river walks are my absolute favorite? Mmm, I just love the river... So many of my poetic inspirations come from rivers. A fun trivia fact about me is that I have never lived further than 5 miles from a major river (ever!).

OK, let's get on with when and how this returning-to-work thing is going to work...

It has been nearly TWO MONTHS since my doors have been opened. I miss you. So I am absolutely thrilled to announce that beginning May 21 I will be opening my space up for ONE person per day until things start to change more.

Every day might be a little different. With schools and daycares closed, I am up to my ears with parenting when I have my son - which makes everything that isn't parenting nearly impossible. I am trying to figure out how to best organize the time slots in the online booking feature to best reflect my actual availability. Hopefully you will still be able to book just as you would before. PLEASE CONTINUE TO EMAIL OR TEXT FOR APPOINTMENTS YOU DON'T SEE ONLINE. It is very (extremely) likely that I am more available than what my online calendar shows. Thank you in advance for your patience and kindness - you know it never goes unappreciated.

At the time of me writing this post the location of my work cell is unknown. I haven't been able to find it for about 5 days - eeeeek, I sure hope I didn't leave it at my cabin by mistake a few weekends ago. Alas, here is my apology for ignoring you. I promise to get in touch with you as soon as I possibly can. It seems email might be the best way to contact me until further notice.

ONE MORE THING! I have started a Twitter account. You can find me @foxaroll - I only have 5 followers so it would be cool to see you there! (haha) I hope to use it more for updates on my availability, little bits of magick that I find, and to share lifestyle photos (like the awesome one in this post).

That's all I have for now, folx! I hope you feel blessed, full of magick, and in awe of your juices.

May the best be yours,


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