• elle

The Audacity

Updated: Oct 1

Let me start with a thank you.

Thank you to those of you who have never asked me about your safety at George Floyd Square.

I am so grateful for your awareness and insight.

I appreciate that you have asked me how I have been coping with my business inside the epicenter of racial justice. Thank you for understanding that white supremacy is an old, living tool that is worthy of destruction. I see you good men and babes and applaud your vulnerability and ease of unlearning toxic behaviors related to your whiteness and masculinity.

To those who didn't do that...

I have some things to get my off my chest.

Here is the one time I am going to answer the famous question that I received about 300 times over the last year and never want to hear again...

Is George Floyd Square a safe place for me to be?

Really? Are you REALLY asking that question?

YES. GFS is safe.

Why wouldn't it be? It is a designated sacred space to mourne and grieve, always has been.

I am drowining in white fragility with so many of you. Now that the verdict has been reached, I am not playing nice anymore. So here goes nothing...

If you're a white cis gendered man, you are always safe in this country. You do not have violence and micro aggressions around every corner of your community like your BIPOC and other marginalized neighb