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Rawing Out

Things have been raw lately - especially if you live in the Twin Cities and moreso if you're a Minneapolis resident. I've lived in this city for over 10 years and it has absolutely stolen my heart in the best ways possible. But my goodness is it a heavy place to exist in right now.

In the midst of the revolution, and triple checking my privilege at all the doors I enter, I have made a major move in my life...I literally moved! But I'm still here in Minneapolis. This is why I probably haven't been responding to your texts or emails as promptly as I would hope. Apologies, loves.

I've gotten partially settled in and had the chance to soak in my new tub last night. The new moon in cancer is begging us to reconnect with water. Let water remind us of our flow and ability to fill space in this world. Let us feel adaptable, knowing we can freeze and vaporize in the poetic lyrical cycle of life. We can be here exactly as we are - doing our best with what we know right now as we stand in humility and solidarity.

I hope you are taking care of yourself. You are living historic times and in order to survive, we need to remember how to love ourselves so we can keep loving others. This is really what my work is all about, a remembrance of our limitless well of ecstasy that can flow freely and brilliantly when we understand how to work with it. Bodies are but vessels, and I'll be damned if I won't help folx feel human in the vessel they arrived in. I'm thrilled to start seeing you again soon.

As stated in my previous post, I have a few days of availability coming up between now and early July. I will be posting more about availability this week because my books are filling up extremely fast. Due to the limited slots, I will be asking for a $50 cancelation fee if you schedule and can't make it without 24 hour notice. If this isn't paid, I will not reschedule you. The good news...the $50 fee can be applied to your rescheduled appointment. I just need to be able to rely on my calendar right now. Thanks ;)

I was given a temporary space due to the memorial events at George Floyd square (also known as 38th and Chicago). However, because of the residential move, I have not had the time or energy to move my professional space quite yet. I've been visting my space regularly and do find it fit for low traffic business. The roads are closed, so you will need to walk a bit. I am willing to meet you outside and enter the back door to decrease your exposure risk, but you will be asked to wear a mask and for your hands to be sanitized upon entering the memorial site.

These details will be communicated to you directly during our confirmation exchange.

Anywho! That's it for now - please continue to use email to stay in touch. Bless you and may the best be yours,


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