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I Miss You

Dear Loves,

Hello, it's me Elle. Writing to you because I miss you. I wish we could get together and play with our energies and our hearts. I miss witnessing you opening up to the juices of wild magick. I yearn for the day we can return to the space of somatic ethereal healing again.

I've opened up my calendar for virtual sessions. I hope folx use the opportunity for whatever they wish - let's talk archetypes, meditation techniques, building coping mechanisms, read tarot cards, receive Reiki, explore desires, share poetry, share secrets, have a dance party, whatever! Bring with you what you bring to your regular sessions. I am here for all of it.

Although we cannot practice the typical beauty of somatic healing - I am confident that we can figure something out that works.

Here is a brief description of the services and rates I will be offering..

Tarot Readings $40/half hour (typical reading takes about 30 minutes)

Full Reiki/Intuitive Healing: $80/hour

Somatic Intimacy Coaching: $150/hour

Side notes:

- I frequently use tarot cards in Reiki and intuitive sessions. Make the best choice for you. :)

- Stand alone tarot readings will not be done with Zoom or Skype unless you specifically ask for it. Otherwise, you will be emailed your reading with pictures and description.

I am so thankful to be feeling well and figure I should be connecting with you as long I am able to. I want nothing more than to be able to continue doing this work after the chaos has settled. Please be kind to yourself - this isn't going to be easy and it's ok to surrender in the emotions that you might be experiencing.

I have officially turned my phone back ON and am ready to hear from you.

May the best be yours,


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