fallin' leaves

Heyo babes! Happy Autumn! The air is crispy and bites the skin a little bit - such a tease. I hope the season's change has welcomed you well.

I've been meaning to write a blog post for WEEKS to update ya'll on my the happenings of my life. Apologies for being incognito - I did go on a mini hiatus this past week because I moved homes. The good news is I now live much closer to my office and will likely better be able to accommodate shorter notice sessions!

I'm getting nicely settled in now and will be back to my regular hours (with evenings available) next week!

As some of you already know, I was in the dumps a few months ago from a new diagnosis I received. About 3 and a half months ago, I went into the doctor to explore a debilitating menstrual cycle. I went in for imaging (because female reproductive issues are almost impossible to determine unless we are cut open) and the doctor changed her clinical diagnosis of endometriosis to adenomyosis. It's just like endometriosis except the endometrial tissue doesn't grow outside of my uterus, it just grows INTO THE uterine muscle wall, where it causes inflammation and severe pain. The only "cure" for this is a hysterectomy, so naturally I sunk into a pretty low pit of self loathing for a few days.

I started hormone treatment, something I truly never thought I would ever agree to. Alas, this new medication has been an extreme life saver. Not only has my pain gone away, but I actually feel a little less anxious. Chronic pain is no joke - It's quite amazing what happens when chronic pain becomes managed. It's like I had no idea how much it was keeping me from living my best life. Since starting the medication, I have been able to complete so much more stuff! I am more physically active, less tired, and seem to have a lot more time on my hands. So that's a WIN!

Here's a little poem I wrote back in September:

Let the gentleness awaken the intensity

And the intensity be expanded

By simply being

Little love notes playing in harmony throughout the gullies and swamps of the musical landscape within the gardens of our ecstatic performances

Let love grow like wild rhizomes of pleasure

Nestled somewhere between where we haven't yet searched