Closed Until Further Notice

As many of you know, the murder of George Floyd happened at the intersection of where my space is located in Powderhorn Park. The area is no longer an appropriate space to work. There are people peacefully protesting at every corner and it makes me weep in mourning for my Minneapolis community.

Until further notice, my office will be closed. The looting and violence that has been happening is too close to home and I am sure NO ONE wants to get a massage in the middle of a protest zone.

I hope you are speaking out against the blatant racism that permeates this city's police department and staying safe as you practice your 1st amendment rights. Know that I am with you, chanting and crying in grief for our city and communities.

I went to the space tonight to grab some things and the energy is full of love at that intersection. These photos were taken today around 5:30 P.M.

Please be safe. Please love one another. Check your privilege. I will always be here but right now there are way more important things going on in the world than me going to work. I marched on Tuesday night and will be staying home with my family tonight.

May the best be yours in this devastating time,


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