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Availability Updates

Hello! I have updates on my life, my space, and online booking availability...

I was recently very sick and in the hospital. I am feeling soo much better now and have taken this last week off from any major responsibilities in spirit of healing and recovery. I'm super stoked to start working on a regular basis again, but there will be a few changes.

First change: Mask Requirement. I got a negative covid test when I went to the hospital and I want to keep it that way. I will be wearing a mask during all sessions as I am exposed to vulnerable people in my personal life. A mask must be worn inside the common spaces of the building, too. So come prepared or let me know if you need one.

Second change: I'm sharing my space! Through mutual connections, I met Britany. She is using the space for massage, reiki, sound healing, and yoga therapy. We have very different approaches to our work but I am so excited to have her there. You'll have to check out some of her products for sale next time you come in.

Online booking is back!! My hours are changing because of sharing the space, but it's also nice in keeping client flow at a minimum with as little contact and exposure as possible for me.

New hours available to book a session online (60 and 75 minutes available)

Monday: 8-5

Tuesday: 8-10

Thursday: 8-10

Friday: 8-5

Saturday and Sunday by direct contact only and at a minimum of 2 weeks in advance

I am still going to try to keep a minimum of two clients per day on Mondays and Fridays. I do need to approve your appointment, so you must wait for a confirmation email from me before assuming you have a appointment. Hopefully this will help you in getting appointments as I know I have been super laggy in responding to your emails and texts lately.

That's all for now! I hope you're having a decent summer and enjoying all that life is bringing you.

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