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Aquarius Season + Travels

My favorite time of year! Aquarius season is finally upon us. This little Aquarian babe has been going to Florida every February for the last 4 years.

My upcoming trip has been scheduled since Feb. of last year. My destination is an island that stays pretty quiet during this time of year but I will be getting tested upon my arrival back home to MN to be certain I am safe to work.

My birthday is February 8th. If you feel so inclined to send me a gift, I am saving up for a new computer and asking for Best Buy gift cards 😘.

Venmo: foxella

PayPal: DFox988

If you want to be sure to see me before I leave on the 8th, book up now! Otherwise, I'll catch you when I return and after my testing come February 15th.

Remember! The week of Valentines Day, everyone I see gets a flower to give to a loved one! 💋

Stay safe and warm!



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