Going beyond the conventional potentials of bodywork, I offer touch and education services that are grounded in embracing the sensual condition of humans. I help people access their internal medicine of pleasure with what I call 'Somatic Intimacy' to combat the effects of "Touch Toxicity".

If you're looking for bodywork that is healing and along.


I am sought out for many reasons and so look forward to hearing what brought you to find me. 

I have worked with people who are:

  • touch deprived

  • exploring their sexuality

  • dealing with erectile dysfunction

  • reconnecting with their bodies after medical procedure

  • recovering from reproductive organ cancers

  • in therapy

  • happy, joyous & full of content

  • ...and everyone in between

A lot of my clients are interested in:

  • neo-tantra and the alchemy of sexual energy

  • prostate health

  • learning how to surrender

  • unpacking toxic masculinity

  • new age and ancient spirituality

  • sensual domination & soft kink

  • having a gosh darn good time because the world is crumbling and the sense of impending doom must be intermittently disrupted ;)

Somatic Intimacy Massage

*BEGINNING 2021: "RANGE RATES" investment details at bottom of page

$220-260/60 minutes or $260-300/75 minutes* 

Designed to give you safe space to experience pleasure in your body through mindfully intimate and sensual touch. Working with pleasure invites unique opportunities to be intentional with sexual energy, an extremely powerful (yet often subtle) internal resource that can be harnessed for personal growth, spiritual learning, and overall well-being. By safely and softly incorporating sexual energy into a bodywork session you can begin working with the nummy inner power of your erotic makeup. I am inspired by sacred sexual arts in Taoism, all aspects of tantra, sexology, and my own experiences in getting intimate with pleasure over the years. Appropriation is not welcome here and 'tantra' is not a secret code word for 'intercourse'.

SLIDING SCALE available to queers in recovery and sx wrkers: $130-$200


Before booking, please read my Consent and Discretion Form


We can also dive into a conversation about something you're interested in or working on.  In addition to (or in lieu of) receiving the Somatic Intimacy massage, we can dive deeper into learning about ways you can enhance or embrace pleasure in your personal adventures. 


  • Rituals and Energy Protection

  • Pleasure Mapping

  • Yoni Egg Practices

  • Radical Body Acceptance

  • Erotic Meditation & Breathwork

  • Sex Ed for Adults

  • Sensual Touch for Couples

  • Dismantling the Inner Patriarch

  • Sacred kink and 'vanilla' BDSM







My work is focused on the somatic art side of recovery and sustenance more than it is about conventional massage therapy. It is about honoring the body as a sacred piece of art for the sake of softening, opening, and expanding pleasure which science has shown can help our nervous systems recalibrate and recover from stress, trauma activation, or whatever else stops us from feeling liberated and on top of the damn world. 

I believe pleasure de-arms our egos and opens the body as a space to exist exactly as we are.

I see myself as a muse in many ways, often a conduit in others - You are always the source of your pleasure..

I am simply a witness to the body self actualizing pleasure - I hold space for it to linger deeply into your knowing.

I see a staggering lack of proper sex education among my peers and other adults. Thus, I find it important to give respect to this topic. I am available as a trusted resource about sex and intimacy or pleasure arts. 

Touch Toxicity: We do not currently live in a sex or body positive society and I hope my work makes a dent in the recovery from such an environment. When we have the audacity to enjoy our bodies, it can become a powerful political statement. Deconstruction of harmful beliefs and patterns around touch is a normal part of building sexual agency. Be gentle on yourself. 

In conclusion, I believe pleasure might just be the medicine this world needs more of. 


The rate scale is not reflective of services offered. Paying on the higher range does NOT mean you get more services. The range comes from a sense of 'hazard' pay due to the pandemic and high volume of cancellations. This will hopefully keep me from requiring deposits (I do not want to collect deposits). Queers and those who seek services alongside formal or conventional healing modalities are welcome to a separate sliding scale. These sessions may be eligible for reimbursement through health savings accounts.  

Elle Fox


730 E 38th St. #209

Minneapolis, MN 55407

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