Elle's Policies 

(A Living Agreement Subject to Change)

I am fully vaccinated and hope you are too. If you are not fully vaccinated, I may wear a mask throughout the session. This is because I live with a cool little person who isn't old enough for the vaccine yet. Thanks for respecting my boundary. 

All clients must read the Consent and Discretion form  prior to booking and attending their first session. 

New Clients must choose a New Client session - this can be for either Somatic Security OR Somatic Intimacy. The forms are different for these bookings and they help me stay organized.

All clients must agree to the cancellation policy which asks all cancellations to come with a $50 slot reservation fee to be paid by venmo @foxella or otherwise agreed upon. 

If I have to cancel the session, I will offer $50 off or a free 15 minutes for your rescheduled appointment. 

Appointments can be booked up to 6 hours in advance and no more than 40 days out from the date you try to book. Same day appointments scheduled via text or email will be asked for an additional $20. 

Uptown location is not discussed with people who have not been pre-screened or who do not have an established relationship with me. 

An established relationship is anyone who has scheduled at least 3 sessions within 6 months. 

10% discounts are provided when 3 or more hours are paid for in advance.

I rarely answer phone calls. Introduction phone call sessions are available to book on my site for people who require a formal introduction prior to initiation of services. I do not do free intro council on any of my services. 



730 E. 38th Street is located within George Floyd Square. You can park on Columbus Ave or 38th St and walk into the barricaded autonomous zone. Sometimes spaces are available outside the building, but I typically recommend not trying. 

THIS SPACE IS SACRED AND SAFE. Enter it with respect and dignity for those who are present. Please read my blog post The Audacity prior to asking me if GFS is a safe place to be. 

When you arrive, it is imperative that you send me an email or text me so I can meet you at the front door of the building to let you in. 

Established clients will be given a door code to use. 

Appointment time begins at the scheduled time unless otherwise communicated with me. Your time starts at the time you booked the session for. If you arrive late, it is lost time. You will be expected to pay for the lost time and I may not be able to extend our time together.

I am usually ready 10-15 minutes before and can accommodate early arrivals. I typically text "I'm ready when you are!" when I am finished setting up the space for our sesh. 


I am not a licensed provider. I operate under regulations set by The MN Department of Unlicensed Complimentary and Alternative Healthcare Practices.  

I am required to offer you the state's Client Bill of Rights.

There are also regulations on Prohibited Conduct that lays out guidelines for true, safe, and ethical practices that keep me from causing harm.

The State of MN does not have educational requirements to practice alternative medicine or therapies including massage, bodywork, Reiki, sex education and other services available through me.

The regulating agency for Sex Therapists and Sexuality Educators is AASECT.

All of my classes on sex and sexuality are approved courses taught by AASECT approved teachers. I am currently working on getting accredited by this agency.


The building has bathrooms and a kitchenette. There are no showers. I am on the second floor with 9 steps to climb from main entrance. There is a bathroom directly across the hall from my space. I do not share the space with anyone at this time.

People still wear masks inside this building - feel free to do what makes you  most comfortable.


The best way to book is on this website. All appointments need to be approved by me. You will receive a confirmation email that you can reply to to confirm your session.

As of November 2020 New Clients are expected to book the New Client session.

Introduction sessions are available as of April 2021

Somatic Ministration is available only to Established Clients and must involve an agreement in person during a  Somatic Intimacy session. 

If you cannot find a slot on the booking page, you may reach out to me by email or text with a day and time suggestion.


I am *much* faster at responding to emails than I am to texts. 

I am notorious for being hard to reach - this is why I heavily encourage folks to book directly online. My life is dictated by the calendar sync of this website. If you book online, you *will* get a response from me. 

I do not answer phone numbers that I have not saved - even if I do have your number saved, I will likely not answer it. I was born in the 80's so naturally I love me a good phone call - but I thank you for understanding that answering every call I get would send me into a personal helscape. 

Private Numbers are fully ignored.

I do not discuss session details at length - Content of introduction sessions are meant to ensure the vibe and sense of safety can be embodied by all persons. 

Sessions are to be experienced; you will have a clear understanding of the flow once we meet in person for the first time.

Full transparency, open communication, and mutual trust are highly valued.


I accept cash and can process cards through Square with a small fee.

You are paying for the allotted scheduled time, not particular services. 

Upgrades don't live here. 

I reserve the right to require deposits for folks who are consistent in reschedules and cancellations. 


New clients can expect a 5-15 minute discussion about my philosophy, our boundaries, and session details. You will be asked what you're looking for and to share a bit about what caught your interest enough to book a session. I will ask all clients about allergies, no-zones, and injuries. You will have ample time to inform me of anything you find pertinent and to ask questions at the beginning of each session you book with me. I am always happy to discuss your current events and provide some consult at the beginning of our time together. 

There is zero tolerance for any fluid exchange - please don't ask. 

You can expect the same basic formalities of the New Client session if you decide to see me on a regular basis. I am open to discussing ways we can develop a longer term professional relationship with more customized consulting and play given that you are clear with your expectations, we get along, and openly agree to a plan forward. 

Consent is the sexiest thing and we honor the sacred space within ourselves and around us. This is ritualistic body care that I firmly believe in. Please bring your sense of humor and an open heart to receive the gifts of pleasure.