Full Transparency

Please Read This. All of it. Compiled here is a bunch of information that will save you and I time.


My space is located at 730 E 38th St in a building called The Goodridge Offices.

Ample free parking is surrounding the building on 38th and Columbus Ave.

It a secured building. You must text or email me upon your arrival so I can meet you at the front door to let you in. 

There is no shower; a bathroom is across the hall from my space.

I always have hot towels.

I use plant based oils and will ask you about allergies.

Table warmer and space heater keep you warm and cozy.

Plethora of drapery options available.

Endless music options if you have a preference.

How do I know what type of session to book?

Again, that's not for me to decide. Read the descriptions, make your best move, and we can talk more in person when we meet. 

How often should I see you?

I am not going to try to have you come in on any kind of schedule like other places do. This space is for you to explore your body, energy, and pleasure as you deem fit. You are welcome to come as often as you'd like! 

Do you offer packages?

Yup. Once you commit to 3 or more hours of services up front, you can get a 10% discount. 

Do you work with couples?

I have, but not regularly. My space is not equipped for two people to receive a massage at the same time (and I only have two hands!). Reach out to me about your ideas and let's see if we can work something out. 

Do I need to prepare for my session?

Nothing more than being clean, open minded, and open hearted. No need to do anything more than what you would typically do for any other kind of massage. Know your boundaries, what you're looking for, and we will make sure we are on the same page when you arrive. 


I am formally trained in Human Services - meaning, I went to college to help people who are receiving government funded support. My early 20's were devoted to learning how to professionally help people in the community setting. More of my detailed education and experience can be found in my Elle page.

Did you go to massage school?

Nope. But I have a couple years of Nursing school under my belt alongside years of personal study in somatic healing. I devote myself to learning and feel confident in my knowledge where I use it. I will never not be transparent in my education and training. If you are looking for a nationally licensed massage therapist, I am not your person.

Are you licensed?

I am licensed as a sole-operator bodywork establishment with the City of Minneapolis. The state of Minnesota does not require proof of education to be an Unlicensed Healthcare Professional. All information regarding your rights can be supplied to you at your appointment. 

Do you participate in continued education?

By golly, all the time! I am constantly looking for fresh new training opportunities. I am currently working on taking classes that go towards AASECT certification (Sexuality Educator). 

Are you a Tantra goddess, or a Dakini?

Aren't we all? In all seriousness, I have never been formally initiated into any traditional lineages of Tantra practitioners. I did learn Reiki from a Tantric yoga teacher, but I have never been to an ashram or spent weeks in a foreign country to learn what I know. My knowledge and awakening to this wisdom has been self-guided. I have found numerous sacred sexuality healers and other solitary witches who help me work through this solo process. 


I am not available for phone or skype sessions. Please do not ask.

I will not engage in any form of communication that does not relate to you booking a session (I will not humor any questions about my personal life unless it seems fit to self-disclose in a supportive setting).

I will not engage in a teacher role via remote communication. If you have questions about Tantra, yoga, meditation, Reiki, kundalini, or any other term you don't understand on my website, I recommend you do more personal research OR just book a session and ask your questions in person. 

I do not prefer phone consultations. However, if this is necessary - please reach out to me for further guidance. 

NEW INTRO SESSION for folks who want a more gentle introduction to Somatic Intimacy sessions. Perfect for folks who are unsure of what they're getting into but are interested. 

How do I know if you're the right person to see?

I cannot make that decision for you. In my best efforts, I hope my vibe comes across clearly throughout this site. The only way you can make that decision is by coming in for a session and seeing how it goes. I have created a BRAND spankin' new Intro Session that is perfect for folks who are a little weary and have questions. 

What is the best way to communicate with you?

Full transparency - I do not answer my phone. The best way to communicate with me is text or email. Even if you are a regular client, I will not answer your phone call. It's just the way it is. Thanks for understanding.

When can I expect a response from you?

I try to respond to texts and emails within 2 days. However, it has taken longer. I don't respond to texts and emails that say "hi" or "are you available now?". If you send me a genuine interest inquiry, you can expect to hear from me within at lest 5 days. Otherwise, I recommend you just go ahead and book online which is an immediate way to book your session.

What is the best way to book?

I prefer you book online. The hours that are available online are almost always accurate. When you make an appointment online, I get immediate notification and you will receive an automated confirmation email with some details included. 

What if I cannot find a slot that works for me?

Online booking is only available for sessions between 9:30-4:00 Monday through Friday. If you need an evening appointment, reach out to me and let me know what evening will work best for you with your preferred time frame. I can work 1-2 evenings per week and the occasional weekend with advance notice. 

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens! I don't get crabby with folks until cancellations become a pattern without proper notice. Just send me a message as soon as you know you can't make it. At this time, I am not in a position to require deposits or cancellation fees (very happy about this!) but there may be a time that this changes if necessary. I reserve the right to require a deposit for anyone who has No Call No Showed at least once before. 

*If I need to cancel, I will send you as much notice as I possibly can and will prioritize your reschedule.

Elle Fox


730 E 38th St. #209

Minneapolis, MN 55407

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