730 E. 38th Street is located within George Floyd Square. For this reason, you will not be able to park in front of the building. You can park on Columbus Ave or 38th St and walk into the barricaded autonomous zone. 

When you arrive, it is imperative that you send me an email or text me so I can meet you at the front door of the building to let you in. 

Appointment time begins at the scheduled time unless otherwise communicated with me. Your time starts at the time you booked the session for. If you arrive late, it is lost time. You will be expected to pay for the lost time and I may not be able to extend our time together.



The building has bathrooms and a kitchenette. There are no showers. I am on the second floor with 9 steps to climb from main entrance. There is bathroom directly across the hall from my space. I do not share the space with anyone at this time. 

Building management has a mask requirement while in public areas, per government requirement.


The best way to book is on this website. 

As of November 2020 New Clients are expected to book the New Client session.

If you cannot find a slot on the booking page, you may reach out to me by email or text with a day and time suggestion. I am *much* faster at responding to emails than I am to texts. 


I accept cash and can process cards through Square with a small fee.

You are paying for the allotted scheduled time, not particular services. 

I reserve the right to require deposits.


New clients can expect a 5-15 minute discussion about my philosophy, our boundaries, and session details. You will be asked what you're looking for and to share a bit about what peaked your interest enough to book a session. I will ask all clients about allergies, no-zones, and injuries. You will have ample time to inform me of anything you find pertinent and to ask questions at the beginning of each session you book with me. I am always happy to discuss your current events and provide some consult at the beginning of our time together. 


It is required to read my Consent and Discretion policy prior to booking a session. 

I have designed the Somatic Intimacy session over the last 4 years to hold bodies in their pleasure. Each session is typically the same with only a few variations based on unique likes and needs. If you have specific things that you want focused on, let me know beforehand. 

You can expect the same basic formalities if you decide to see me on a regular basis. I am open to discussing ways we can develop a longer term professional relationship with more customized consulting and play given that you are clear with your expectations, we get along, and openly agree to a plan forward. If you book 3 or more hours in advance I will offer you a 10% discount. 


Session details are to be experienced; you will have a clear understanding of the flow once we meet in person for the first time. Full transparency, open communication, and mutual trust are highly valued.

Elle Fox


730 E 38th St. #209

Minneapolis, MN 55407

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